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By Fingercheck Marketing
May 11, 2023

The month of May has been recognized as National Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States since 1949. It’s critical to acknowledge the role that mental health plays in our lives and to work out solutions to reduce stress and anxiety.

As a collective, “we” have been through a lot over the past few years. And one area that continues to make headlines is our mental health. Another is the economy and how it is affecting the cost of living. Stress and anxiety can roll over to the workplace if not controlled and addressed.

How can employers help to reduce stress in the workplace?

At Fingercheck, we believe that automation can help alleviate work-related stress. As a business owner, here’s how you can honor mental health awareness in May by automating some of your business functions with Fingercheck. 

Use Workflows to automate repetitive business tasks

Did you know that labor costs add up to nearly a third of total costs related to HR operations? Or that employees spend an average of 19 days a year performing repetitive tasks?

Time to take back your time!

Workflows from Fingercheck help you automate repetitive business tasks, allowing your employees to reduce stress, work more efficiently and save time. Fingercheck lets you create 3 types of Workflows to streamline your business operations and save time.

  • Notifications – send notification reminders automatically.
  • Document management – format and create reports and store licenses and certificates.
  • Profile management – set up HR profiles for your staff.

With Workflows by Fingercheck, businesses can save money by automating many HR tasks, such as hiring and application tracking, onboarding, offboarding, employee management and expense management. 

With the ability to create, automate and track critical business tasks, Workflows minimize the room for errors while increasing overall efficiency. 

Use Scheduling to create, share and reuse schedules

Manual scheduling of tasks isn’t just time-consuming: It breeds boredom, leading to decreased productivity. We know scheduling can be a headache, so we designed a platform that simplifies everything. Our user-friendly scheduling app allows you to build, modify work and share schedules with your staff — anytime and from anywhere in minutes. 

You’re always on schedule! 

With Scheduling by Fingercheck, you can create multiple shifts for different jobs, add, edit or delete schedules from your smartphone, send alerts to employees when a schedule change is made, and do so much more. No more need for manual scheduling that’s plagued with errors and headaches. 

Automate the onboarding process with Fingercheck

Employee onboarding is critical because it acclimates the employees to their roles, the company’s philosophies and the workplace culture. 

Manual onboarding can be a stressful experience for both the employee and the employer. By automating the onboarding process, you not only improve efficiency but you also reduce errors. 

Our employee onboarding software provides new hires with an easy-to-use platform to self-onboard and hit the job running. You’ll love the 100% paperless onboarding. Direct deposits and W-4s are uploaded automatically, eliminating paperwork and reducing employee stress. 

Additionally, you can log onto the portal at any time to monitor the onboarding process, which eliminates the need to ask your employees for status updates. 

Run payroll with Fingercheck

Payroll is a stressful job that can subject you to compliance risks. 

By automating the payroll, you’ll never have to worry about missed pay or compliance issues. Fingercheck automates the payroll process to calculate pay and reduce errors.

With Payroll by Fingercheck, you can connect your accounting software and never miss a pay with Set and Forget Autopay. Moreover, you can take advantage of features like Next-Day Pay, Pay On-Demand and Payroll Debit Card to improve your employees’ morale. 

Help your employees with earned wage access

Employees’ money worries negatively impact your bottom line. By automating these tasks and taking advantage of our advanced features, like Pay On-Demand, you can reduce employees’ stress and increase productivity, ultimately improving your bottom line. 

Pay On-Demand is our option for employees to access their already-earned wages. Fingercheck covers the payroll cost from our own ledger, so you don’t have to worry about that. And your employees don’t have to stress about paying their bills. 

According to Forbes: 

  • 78% of employees say access to their earned wages helps them pay their bills on time and avoid late fees or overdraft fees. 
  • 74% say access to their earned wages has helped reduce their financial stress.
  • 70% say access to their earned wages has helped them avoid taking out a payday loan.

What better way to honor May’s mental health awareness than to automate with Fingercheck? Sign up today and take the stress out of your day.

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