5 ways Fingercheck Payroll saves you time and money

By Emily Burch Harris
September 5, 2023

Did you know that National Payroll Week (NPW) lines up with the week of Labor Day? It’s like a perfect payroll party! NPW is about celebrating the fantastic teamwork between American workers, payroll experts, and helpful government programs and agencies.

Here at Fingercheck, we’re thrilled to participate in this celebration. We’re all about making life easier for business owners and payroll pros. And, since it’s NPW, we want to shine a spotlight on just how crucial payroll is and how Fingercheck makes it a breeze for business owners.

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Payroll is complicated – but not for Fingercheck customers

You might think payroll is all about the dollars, but it’s much more! It kicks off right at the beginning, during onboarding, and those pesky compliance forms, like the W-4s and tax declarations.

But here’s the game-changer: self-onboarding. With this, your employees can smoothly upload all those crucial documents and safely store them away. Need to change your bank info? No more running around – it’s right there in the app. And guess what? They can tweak their withholdings by themselves, saving you both precious time.

Curious to learn more about how Fingercheck Payroll can boost your efficiency, cut costs, and give you back your valuable time? Keep reading! đź’°âś…

1: Flexible payroll options and solutions 

It’s not the 20th century. 

Today’s workers may not use traditional banks or checking accounts. Of course, we provide direct deposit, but we also offer different payment methods, including payroll debit cards. 

With earnings loaded directly onto the card each payday, it’s just like direct deposit, but better. And, if they request Pay On-Demand, their approved funds arrive within minutes of approval. 

Pay On-Demand is Fingercheck’s earned wage access solution. Your employees can access their earned wages anytime with Pay On-Demand. There’s no long wait until payday or taking on a costly payday loan. Pay On-Demand can help you improve retention and talent acquisition. 

Next-Day Pay comes in handy if you’ve missed your processing deadline. You can process payroll by 6:15 p.m. (ET) and deposit your employees’ paychecks the next business day. 

Looking for financial support to fuel your business’s growth or navigate cash flow challenges? Look no further. Thanks to our partnership with OnDeck, we offer a range of financing options, including payroll financing and SMB loans.


Fingercheck simplifies payroll operations for 9 out of 10 businesses.

These funds aren’t just for keeping the lights on; they’re here to help you invest in what your business truly needs, whether essential equipment, hiring more hands, or seizing exciting growth opportunities. It’s the perfect solution for businesses facing unexpected costs or aiming to supercharge their growth. With Fingercheck and OnDeck by your side, you’re set for success.

2: We’re your payroll & HR co-pilot

Fingercheck saves business owners time and money by automating the entire process — from calculating taxes and deductions to preparing W-2 forms for employees at year-end. 

10+ hours

Our customers save 10+ hours a month by automating payroll and HR tasks with Fingercheck

Automation makes your business more efficient and can reduce payroll errors. For example, you can enjoy your holiday weekend and not worry about payroll by using our Set and Forget Autopay feature.

Automating your payroll means you’ll never have to worry about missed pay or compliance issues. Fingercheck automates the process and calculates pay while reducing errors. Fingercheck integrates with Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online, Rent Manager and Sage, enabling direct cost integration between client data and streamlined financial reporting.

3: Avoid surprise bills

When you use Fingercheck Payroll, you can combine payroll and workers’ comp and pay premiums based on real-time costs and actualized wages. This can help you avoid a large year-end bill. 

This allows for automatic premium payments based on employee size, so you never overpay on premiums. And that can improve your company’s cash flow. 

4: Accurate tax filings

Tired of stressing about security and tax compliance? Let us help. We are SOC 2 compliant and we are secure. 

When you use FingerchecK, you can avoid payroll errors and ensure your business is in compliance with tax codes. And, at the end of the fiscal year, we help with your payroll and tax forms. 

We help you follow government regulations and adhere to the required standards by providing automatic updates to tax rates and labor laws as well as guidance on compliance issues. And our latest feature, Multi-State Payroll and Same Pay Cycle Tax Calculation simplifies payroll and taxes across state lines. You can relax while we automate the accurate withholding and payment of taxes, adhering to each state’s specific rules. 

5: Gain insights into your payroll costs

Fingercheck’s Payroll Analytics feature helps small business owners identify areas where they may be overspending. This dashboard provides real-time data on gross wages, deductions, taxes, and hours and offers a range of grouping and filtering options.

That means you can quickly identify mistakes, monitor overtime trends, and track payroll costs all in one place. 

With a clear and concise overview of your payroll data, you’ll be equipped to make more informed decisions and optimize your business operations for greater success.

Enjoy National Payroll Week

At Fingercheck, our mission is to provide small businesses with innovative and reliable payroll & HR solutions that simplify their operations, empower their people, and drive success. With our game-changing tools and personalized client support, we aim to help small businesses achieve their goals and thrive in the modern workplace. We are committed to delivering exceptional technology and corresponding service that saves our clients time and money.

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