No Need to Rob a Bank to Make Payroll

With Fingercheck Finance you make payroll every week – even when cash flow is thin. In partnership with Infinity Capital Funding, Fingercheck Finance secures instant funds that are available in time for your weekly, biweekly, or monthly payroll. Now you can focus on long-term goals without worrying about which client check clears when.

Financing is Easier than You Think

One-click payroll financing is built into your Fingercheck dashboard.


Transfer funds quickly when it’s time to run your payroll.


Payroll funds are available with a weekly interest rate.


Create a payment plan that best works for your business.

Fingercheck’s payroll finance program is powered by our partners at Infinity Capital Group. By submitting this form you agree that Fingercheck and Infinity Capital Group will share basic information about your company as necessary to serve you best.

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