Access quick and competitive Financing and SMB loans

Say goodbye to complicated loan processes and hello to hassle-free financing for your small business.


Get the funds you need to fuel your business growth without stress and delay

Through our partnership with OnDeck, we provide our customers with quick and accessible capital, eliminating the complexities of traditional loan applications and lengthy approval times – learn how it benefits Fingercheck customers!

Speed and convenience

Apply for a loan directly on our platform in minutes, ensuring you can seize opportunities and easily overcome financial obstacles.

Friendly loan terms

Unlock the power of flexible financing with flexible loan terms of up to 24 months, personalized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Affordable financing

Access funds with competitive interest rates to fuel business growth or to maintain financial stability for your business and employees.

Pricing starts at just $45/month

Automate your payroll & HR today

empowering small business owners

Fingercheck and OnDeck join forces to help small businesses thrive

Our partnership brings you the best of both worlds – Fingercheck’s comprehensive payroll and HR solutions combined with OnDeck’s expertise in SMB financing.

Efficient Tools for More Effective Teams
“Very robust and flexible platform, with lots of different options.”
Matt Twersky


Work smarter, not harder

Discover the power of easier payroll financing

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