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Varda Chocolatier eliminates payroll delays and increases efficiency with time-saving customer support from Fingercheck

By Fingercheck Marketing
July 20, 2023


Varda Chocolatier, a chocolate manufacturer and distributor, needed a simple and efficient solution for their payroll and payment needs. Their previous provider used third parties to process and send employee paychecks. Those checks either arrived after payday or were lost in the mail, causing a re-issuance nightmare. It also led to frustrated employees needing to know when they would receive their paychecks.


Fingercheck stepped in to address these challenges with effective solutions, such as

  1. Modern Payroll Experience: Fingercheck provided Varda Chocolatier with a user-friendly and efficient payroll processing system. This solution allowed Varda Chocolatier to process payroll faster and directly for their employees. 
  2. No Missing Checks: Before Fingercheck, payroll checks often were not delivered.  Fingercheck offers payment options, including traditional direct deposit, payroll debit cards and self-service options for check issuance.
  3. Excellent Customer Support: Varda Chocolatier has benefited from the time-saving chat feature available for customer support as well as direct contact with Customer Support. 


Fingercheck’s user-friendly payroll processing helped gourmet Varda Chocolatier Inc. process their payroll faster, ensuring client satisfaction. And Fingercheck’s customer support  added a whole new level of sweetness. Julie Nieves and Varda Chocolatier rely on Fingercheck for reliable and efficient services.

  1. Faster Payroll: With Fingercheck Payroll, Varda Chocolatier no longer chases worries about checks not being processed or delivered on time. “I don’t have to worry about my time,” she says. “I don’t have to stress. It’s a pleasure to do payroll now,” says Nieves, Varda Chocolatier’s HR Director.
  2. Amazing Support: “I know the people I’m chatting with,” Nieves says.  “I know, you know, the people that I’m chatting with who are really addressing all my issues.”
  3. Time Back: Fingercheck’s chat option allows Varda Chocolatier’s HR team to communicate on their schedule instead of being placed on hold for lengthy periods of time.

“I don’t have to worry about my time,” she says. “I know that if I have any questions or any issues, it’s gonna be addressed immediately.  I don’t have to stress. It’s a pleasure to do payroll now.”

– Julie Nieves, HR Director at Varda Chocolatier

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