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Fingercheck delivers payroll clarity, time and attendance help to mental health provider Advenium

By Fingercheck Marketing
June 1, 2023


Advenium, a mental health service provider, sought a streamlined approach for time tracking, attendance, and payroll processing. Dissatisfied with its confusing and fragmented system involving multiple providers, Advenium recognized the urgency to find a better solution that could cater to its diverse workforce. With a mix of salaried and hourly employees, including employees working on piece rate hours, the need for an efficient and comprehensive system became paramount.


Fingercheck stepped in to address these challenges with effective solutions, such as:

  1. User-Friendly Payroll: Fingercheck Payroll provides a solution for Advenium’s hourly, piece rate and salaried employees. With it, administrators are easily able to enter calculations for piece rate employees.
  2. Streamlined Scheduling: Fingercheck Scheduling helps administrators build, modify and share work schedules with employees in minutes.
  3. Time Tracking and Attendance: Employees can clock in on the Fingercheck app and administrators can quickly see overtime or PTO accruals with Fingercheck Time Tracking & Attendance.
  4. Everything at Your Fingertips: Employees are able to check their time and attendance, view payroll histories and figure their deductions in the Fingercheck app. 
  5. Strong Support System: Fingercheck’s customer support team worked with Advenium to migrate data into the Fingercheck system, which helped make the process easier, faster and instructive.


Fingercheck fulfilled all of Advenium’s initial requirements and exceeded expectations by providing additional tools to bolster its HR capabilities. With an all-in-one platform, Advenium now efficiently manages benefits, hiring and onboarding, payroll, scheduling, and time and attendance, all from a single unified system.

Our user-friendly app further empowers employees and administrators, offering seamless access to essential features at their fingertips. Fingercheck’s comprehensive solutions have transformed Advenium’s HR toolbox, streamlining its operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

“When I looked at Fingercheck, I could really appreciate it,” she says. “I think they have just a very clear vision of what makes it comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly. It’s very impressive.”

– HR Lead at Advenium

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