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AccountKing streamlines payroll, reduces errors and boosts client satisfaction with Fingercheck

By Fingercheck Marketing
August 1, 2023


AccountKing encountered significant hurdles while dealing with their previous payroll provider, resulting in a series of complications and delays throughout their payroll processes. The system offered by the former provider proved to be anything but user-friendly, leading to time-consuming and frustrating tasks. To add to the challenges, the previous provider inaccurately processed W-2 forms for employees, creating potential problems during tax-filing season. Despite being aware of these errors, the previous provider took six weeks to address the W-2C forms, causing unnecessary delays and disruptions for AccountKing and their clients.


Fingercheck stepped in to address these challenges with effective solutions, such as:

Modern Payroll Experience: Fingercheck provided AccountKing with a user-friendly and efficient payroll processing system. This streamlined solution enabled AccountKing to process payroll faster and more accurately for their clients.

Expert Payroll Ops Team & Support: Fingercheck’s expert teams correctly processed the previous provider’s W-2C forms within 2 days  and accurately. Ensuring that AccountKing clients could file their taxes on time and without complications.


Fingercheck’s user-friendly payroll processing, expert support and quick resolution of previous errors enhanced AccountKing’s service offerings, ensuring client satisfaction. Dina Lang and AccountKing rely on Fingercheck’s reliable and efficient services.

Faster Tax Filing: With Fingercheck’s accurate W-2C corrections, AccountKing’s client’s employees were able to file their taxes on time, avoiding potential penalties and ensuring compliance.

Happier Clients: AccountKing and its clients were delighted with Fingercheck’s seamless payroll processing and dedicated support. The switch to Fingercheck eliminated previous complications and provided both parties a more efficient and pleasant experience.

“I want to say altogether it took four days from when I started talking to Fingercheck, which was on a Friday, until the following Wednesday, which was the night of Passover,” she says. “I had those amended W-2s in my inbox and that’s not something that Fingercheck had to do for me because they did not make the mistake but the fact that they were willing to do that for me was just unbelievable.”

– Dina Lang, CEO at AccountKing

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