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By: Stefano Tromba Aug 18, 2020

The Rise and Uncertain Future of the Gig Economy

At the height of the coronavirus, home delivery grocery slots became the holy grail of online quests. In fact, it still is!  Home delivery services have been big business for supermarkets and big-box stores like Walmart and Costco. This is
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By: Stefano Tromba Aug 12, 2020

How The Pandemic Changed Consumer Spending Habits

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that U.S. consumers are cutting back on expenses and limiting purchases amid the pandemic. That said, the economy and certain small businesses have benefitted from increased spending in certain retail areas
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By: Stefano Tromba Aug 11, 2020

Stimulus Package Vote On-Hold Until September

After canceling its August recess, in the hopes to strike a deal on the next coronavirus relief package, house leaders postpone the vote until September. This comes after negotiations between Democratic leaders and the White House hit a wal
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