Emily Burch Harris is an award-winning author and editor. Emily joined Fingercheck in 2022 and promotes the the company through the power of the written word. When she’s not writing or editing, Emily enjoys running, drinking coffee and searching for that perfect gluten-free cookie.

By: Emily Burch Harris Mar 18, 2022

Run Payroll With One Click

At Fingercheck, pleasing our customers is paramount. That’s why we launched Fingercheck’s Feature Request forum and, based on your responses, we’re thrilled to bring you our latest batch of bug fixes and feature updates. Web and M
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By: Emily Burch Harris Mar 15, 2022

Get Ready for Quarter-End Filings, Q1 Ends Soon!

The first quarter ends on Thursday, March 31st. As this date approaches, review the tips below to avoid any issues with your company's quarterly tax filings. TIP #1: AVOID PENALTIES AND FEES, PROCESS YOUR PAYROLL EARLY. At the end of e
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By: Ben Douglas Aug 25, 2021

Hiring Challenges in the New Post-COVID Reality

This month, the U.S. Department of Labor revealed a surprising statistic: unfilled and available job openings now outnumber unemployed Americans. In June, the number of unfilled job openings rose to 10.1 million, the highest level ever reco
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By: Stefano Tromba Jul 15, 2021

Expanded Child Tax Credit Monthly Payments Start Today!

Starting today - July 15, families with children will receive more money due to the expanded Child Tax Credit. Working families can expect to receive up to $3,600 per child under the age of six, or $3,000 per under the age of 18. The credit
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