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FingerCheck Updates Its QuickBooks Desktop Integration

FingerCheck QuickBooks Integration

We’ve updated our QuickBooks Desktop integration with an external plugin that will allow for greater functionality when importing/exporting data.  Automatic Job Import If you use FingerCheck to track time allocated to jobs, in order for your employees to have an up-to-date job selection when clocking in, you would want to import all your customers from Quickbooks. Also, if you want a complete and accurate breakdown of the total cost per job/customer, including all employer taxes and workers’ comp insurance, you know how important it is for that data to sync with QuickBooks.  However, in order to make sure the data is seamlessly integrated between FingerCheck and QuickBooks, the customers and jobs need to match. We are excited to tell you that

Fingercheck Calculates Overtime Pay Including Non-Discretionary Bonuses


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires non-discretionary bonuses to be included in the regular rate of pay when determining overtime pay. By definition, a non-discretionary bonus is a bonus that is “promised or expected and tends to be dependent on the quality, quantity or efficiency of production or hours worked,” according to SHRM. It is typically obligated to be paid based on a written or verbal agreement/contract, or is a bonus of a particular nature that is pre-determined based on qualifying factors. Here are some examples of the types of bonuses that count as non-discretionary (sourced from SHRM):  Bonuses promised in an agreement Bonuses tied to performance evaluations, incentive plan bonuses, or any bonuses based on

FingerCheck Tablet App Can Now Display Employee Time Cards

Time cards on the tablet app

One of FingerCheck’s most innovative products is our FingerCheck Time Clock app, which turns Apple and Android tablets into fully functioning time clocks. While this time clock app was already designed with several useful features, it’s getting a functional update with the ability for employees to view and approve time cards right from the app.   Once the feature is enabled, employees will be able to view and approve their time card whenever they pull up their profile. The Time Card opens to a visually appealing display that provides the employee’s total hours per pay period alongside a list of daily totals. They can tap any day to review the day’s total hours, punch times and punch details. If the company

2016 Review of FingerCheck!

FingerCheck 2016 Review

2016 has been a year of incredible growth and change for FingerCheck. After launching our all-in-one time tracking & payroll platform in January, our entire team has labored tirelessly to support a product we believe has the potential to change the industry. Over the past year, we’ve experienced immense use across the board, thanks to you. We would like to share some metrics with you. In 2016 alone, FingerCheck had:   25,000,000 Punches 800,000 Mobile Punch Selfies 100,000 Employees  processed a Quarter of a BILLION Dollars in Gross Payroll! In order to keep up with our high pace of growth, we’ve made company-wide changes in order to accommodate our newest clients, while maintaining our high technical support standards across the board.

Two New Updates to the FingerCheck Mobile App for Supervisors

FingerCheck Mobile app

There are two new updates on the FingerCheck mobile app for supervisors! By “Approve Requests” in the side menu, you’ll notice that a number will appear if you have any pending employee requests. And, if you use FingerCheck360 payroll, you can now download a PDF of all your payroll costs directly to your smartphone using Payroll Preview.  Approve Requests Our requests feature is a great way for employees to send requests to supervisors, whether that be requesting time off, asking general questions, or giving updates. Now, we improved this feature by adding a numeric symbol to the side menu that shows you when you have a request and exactly how many you have waiting. No more ignored or unseen employee


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