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2016 Review of FingerCheck!

FingerCheck 2016 Review

2016 has been a year of incredible growth and change for FingerCheck. After launching our all-in-one time tracking & payroll platform in January, our entire team has labored tirelessly to support a product we believe has the potential to change the industry. Over the past year, we’ve experienced immense use across the board, thanks to you. We would like to share some metrics with you. In 2016 alone, FingerCheck had:   25,000,000 Punches 800,000 Mobile Punch Selfies 100,000 Employees  processed a Quarter of a BILLION Dollars in Gross Payroll! In order to keep up with our high pace of growth, we’ve made company-wide changes in order to accommodate our newest clients, while maintaining our high technical support standards across the board.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Time & Attendance/Payroll Features to Collect


If you weren’t already aware, our fantastic customer support team, based out of Brooklyn, is largely comprised of millennial tech-lovers, making our office a hot bed for Pokemon Go activity. To intensify the fad, it just so happens that our building is an actual gym in Pokemon Go (seriously!). So inspired by our own poke-obsessed staff, we decided to create a “gotta catch ‘em all” list of standout features to collect in a payroll/time tracking solution. Matthew Title: Support Specialist Game Level: 12 Favorite Pokemon Collected: Squirtle Favorite Feature: “Job costing – I’ve been working with clients for a long time, and one feature that is frequently asked about is rates and jobs. Many employers want to use a time

Electronically Customize Employee Agreements with FingerCheck360

EMployee Documents

We know that as a business owner, you’re only as good as your technology. In today’s digital age, automation is rapidly replacing manual procedures, and paperless is the new standard of modern-day efficiency. That’s why we’re focusing on integrating electronic services that reduce the time it takes you to run your company.  As part of our mission to modernize your employee management, we are introducing a new electronic FingerCheck360 feature that will eliminate all physical employee paperwork from the hiring process, and reduce the time it takes to onboard your new hires with custom agreements and contracts. As an employer, you undoubtedly have paperwork you have new employees, or even contractors, read and sign in order

2016 First Quarter Accomplishments

FingerCheck Accomplishments

The first quarter of 2016 has officially ended, and with it has come a lot of change. In our 2015 Year in Review, we broke down our accomplishments over the past year, setting the stage for an even more explosive year in 2016. This year, not only have we added new staff, we’ve also taken on more clients, expanded our new payroll solution FingerCheck360, and now have active FingerCheck time and attendance customers in all 50 states (and D.C.)! As a company, our growth has been guided by our mission to surpass the status quo. As we’ve previously stated, our beginnings with time tracking have been just that – beginnings. The dream of evolving our solution to become a full-service

Milestone: FingerCheck Now Actively Being Used in All 50 States!


Since launching in 2013, we have been driven in our mission to expand our product and make our presence known to businesses across the country. As one of the most intuitive, versatile, and customizable time and attendance software systems to be introduced to the market in recent times, our cloud-based solution has been something of a well kept secret. Luckily, the clients we have built through the past three years have helped us on our way to becoming a major contender in the time and attendance industry. Through the power of your positive recommendations, customer feedback, and general interest in our product, you have helped us reach a milestone in our development as a company. Without your support, we would not be

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