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By: Fingercheck Aug 13, 2014

Making the Most of Your Time at Work

An online time clock is a great tool to help you stay on top of your work and be held accountable for the results that you produce. On occasion, you're even lucky enough to finish your work early! Don't just sit around and stare out your co
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By: Fingercheck Aug 05, 2014

What is Job Fencing and How Will It Help My Organization?

The newest feature that has been added to your FingerCheck Workforce Management Solution is Job Fencing.  In essence, this technology allows managers to put a virtual fence around an employee’s worksite for the purposes of clocking in an
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By: Fingercheck Jul 22, 2014

3G Time Clock for Off-Site Employees

For workers that aren't in the office, clocking in can be just as easy using a time clock with 3G connectivity. These time clocks are great for all types of remote employees that work at off-site locations. Construction companies, elect
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By: Fingercheck Jul 17, 2014

What is a Cloud-Based Time Clock?

You've probably heard of cloud storage, but how much do you actually know about it? The main reason that people are wary of the security of cloud storage is that they don't know how it works! Do yourself a favor and get educated, because
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By: Fingercheck Jul 10, 2014

The Best Clocking In Method for YOU

Putting in your time at work shouldn't be difficult. That's why Fingercheck's employee time clock software has a way to clock in for everyone. With six different options, you can choose the one that's best for you! The Social Media Savv
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