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By: Katherine Muniz Feb 09, 2015

Newly Redesigned Help Desk Portal!

We are excited to share that our newly redesigned help desk portal has officially launched! Featuring a wider, more open layout, our bright new interface makes it easier to enter search terms and ask questions, and also clearly categorizes
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By: Fingercheck Feb 04, 2015

Request a Live Employee Time Clock Software Demo

FingerCheck's employee time clock software is a powerful and versatile tool seeing wide use among the nation's leading businesses. As technology advances and evolves to better meet employee needs, the country's top managers are leveraging t
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By: Katherine Muniz Feb 03, 2015

7 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

There are plenty of reasons employers should prioritize increasing employee engagement. How an employee relates to their work yields valuable insights about how invested they are in their work, how psychologically committed they are to thei
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