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We help people improve their lives

I wanted to use this blog post to introduce myself. It’s been nearly half a year since I joined Fingercheck as the Chief Operating Officer. It has been exactly what I expected and more. We have a reliable and compassionate team of knowledgeable people who create and support an outstanding app that manages the core

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Fingercheck end-of-year compliance 2022

Gather your end-of-year data now

It’s that time of year again — time to gather critical information about your business and send it to your partners at Fingercheck if you need our help.  We have a handy checklist to help ensure that you are set up for success and that we have the necessary information to process your year-end tax

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Earned Wage Access

Give your team easy access to paychecks

Earned wage access pays your employees ahead of payday  Inflation is driving up costs everywhere. More consumers in all income brackets, including those who make more than $250,000 annually, live paycheck to paycheck. PYMNTS’ research found that 61% of U.S. consumers lived paycheck to paycheck in April 2022, up 9% from 52% in April 2021.

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webinar headline

Find your victories and your people

Fingercheck’s Tiffany Haynes, chief operating officer and chief people officer, was a recent guest on the IT Insights podcast. Host Michał Grela spoke with Haynes about her nearly 20 years in the Fintech market and about her passion – putting people first and enabling small businesses with feature-rich solutions that are simple and powerful. Haynes

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pay transperancy

 NYC Adopts Pay Transparency

New York City has joined several other U.S. cities with its own pay transparency law. Employers in the Big Apple now must modify how they advertise job openings. NYC’s Salary Transparency Law is the latest addition to a suite of anti-discrimination protections for New Yorkers who are seeking employment. The law went into effect on

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Streamline your work day

What would your day look like if you were able to focus on business growth instead of paperwork and manual tasks? What if we told you that correcting errors in human resources-related tasks took 35% of an average HR team’s time? Or that one-third of small businesses are penalized each year by the IRS for

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thanksgiving table

Sharing a meal at work on a holiday

Are you scheduled to work on Thanksgiving Day? You’re not alone. Many people work on holidays, and sharing a meal with your employees (and co-workers) can make for a fun and enjoyable day even when you can’t travel or be at home with your family. Here are five tips for organizing a potluck meal at

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property manager happy

How property management and real estate companies can do HR better

Does HR in property management and real estate differ from other industries? Yes, it does because employee turnover is very high. This is the first installment in our series about Human Resources in the property management and real estate industries. Subscribe now to be the first to know when the second installment arrives One of

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