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Comparing the Benefits of Web Punch vs. Mobile Punch

Employee clocking in with FingerCheck web punch

Your employee time tracking is our priority, which is why we make it easy for your employees to clock in using just about any device they have. As requested, today we’ll be comparing the benefits of making a web punch versus a mobile punch. Web punch Convenience is our M.O. and you’d be hard pressed to find an easier method of clocking in than using our online time clock. Take the following benefits for example: Employees can punch in online. Online! The internet is everywhere now, and your employees are most likely on it at some point during the day.  No devices necessary – most workplaces have at least one computer on-premises, which means that you don’t need

Employees Can Update Tax Withholding and Direct Deposit Information on Mobile

Employee next t o bike updating tax withholding

How often do your employees ask you “Can you change my payment method?” or “How do I adjust my tax withholding status?” What if they could make those changes themselves – from anywhere? We recently added a sleek and powerful new feature to the mobile app that empowers your employees to update their direct deposit accounts and update exemptions or tax withholding  as often as they need. In our latest update release of the mobile app, this new functionality has been added to the profile settings for employees using FingerCheck360 online payroll. On the dashboard, the profile icon opens a newly expanded menu of actions allowing employees to self-manage their personal information along with their Tax

New on FingerCheck360: Paperless W-9 Forms When Adding Independent Contractors


If you’re using FingerCheck360, you know that our paperless employee onboarding module is one of our strongest features. Not only do we make it easy to set your employees up within our system, we also collect the tax information needed to determine employee withholding and automatically create W-4 forms. Now, you can add independent contractors to FingerCheck360, and as they complete the onboarding process, have W-9 forms automatically created. Previously, while you could add an independent contractor to payroll, we did not offer the W-9 form. Now that we have integrated this step, your obligation to oversee the completion of this vital tax form is essentially made effortless! How does it work? Add a new contractor and indicate the

New Payroll Preview Feature: FingerCheck360

Running Payroll on Mobile

We are excited to introduce our powerful new online payroll feature, Payroll Preview. This advanced preview breaks down in detail each and every payroll cost – earnings, deductions, payroll tax liabilities, direct deposit, and employer contributions – before even submitting payroll. The report provides an in-depth and comprehensive summary of payroll data to be processed for the current payroll, identifying where every penny of your total cash required goes.  Within the Run Payroll Wizard in FingerCheck360 payroll software, there is a standard preview window with an overview of each employee’s total hours, gross pay, deductions, taxes, direct deposit, and net pay that can also be downloaded in an Excel Spreadsheet. Our newly advanced preview report can be found

Hours Worked: What’s Compensable in a Day’s Work?


Determining what should be paid for and what shouldn’t in a regular work day may not seem difficult. For instance, the daily commute to and from work isn’t compensable, and a few minutes chatting with colleagues at the water cooler tends to go by un-penalized. However, have you ever stopped to think why? Instinctually you might say ‘common sense,’ but the reasoning is more complex then that. In determining what is and isn’t compensable, we rely on the courts’ rulings, the FLSA, and the Portal-to-Portal Act of 1947. The statutory provisions contained in the Portal-to-Portal Act of 1947 (made as an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act) (29 U.S.C. § 251.) clarify and narrow the scope of

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