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By: Valerie D'Orazio Nov 12, 2018

What’s The Best Payroll Schedule For Your Business?

Today’s workforce is most familiar with a bi-weekly pay schedule–receiving a paycheck every two weeks. But let’s find out if that schedule works best for your particular company. Every pay schedule has its benefits and drawbacks. L
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By: Valerie D'Orazio Oct 19, 2018

The Biometric Boom Goes Beyond Big

John Mayer once sang, your “body is a wonderland,” and it seems he was onto something – at least when it comes to biometrics. Biometric technology – which literally uses your body, like your face and fingerprints, to verify your ide
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By: Valerie D'Orazio Oct 08, 2018

Fingercheck Debuts New Employee Document Upload Feature

As an employer or HR manager, sometimes you’ll need employees to upload certain custom documents--such as legal papers, contracts, scans of IDs, certificates, and more. Enter: Fingercheck’s brand-new easy to use feature, which allows wo
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