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Stefano is a seasoned marketing professional who holds a BA degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Queens College. His work and experience spans many industries that include sports, talent acquisition, food/beverage and publishing, just to name a few.

By: Stefano Tromba Jan 23, 2019

How a Government Shutdown Affects Small Business

There’s absolutely nothing to like about a government shutdown but in recent years (and in the last few administrations), we’ve unfortunately seen them occur. But aside from the public loss of a wide range of services, and federal jobs,
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By: Stefano Tromba Dec 28, 2018

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Payroll

As a business owner, why not make a resolution at the beginning of 2019 to improve your payroll? You’ll save time...and perhaps even money! Here are five New Year’s Resolutions for Payroll that you can consider: Keep It All On The
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By: Stefano Tromba Dec 12, 2018

Why Is Year-End The BEST Time To Switch Payroll Providers?

Face it, there’s a ton of reasons to change payroll providers - bad service, lack of integration, you may even be overpaying! But fear not - now is the perfect time of year to switch payroll providers. Let’s explore why. It’s a Cle
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