By: Katherine Muniz Feb 08, 2017

10 Ways to Thank Your Employees This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to express your appreciation and gratitude to anyone who really matters to you, romantic or not. If you’d like to celebrate your employees this Valentine’s Day, here are some fun ideas to consider:

1. Get to the office early and place sweet treats on each employee’s desk with a thankful note.

Even better if you have time to make mini goodie bags and place a decorative bow on top!

2. Have a social hour.

Designate an hour to let your employees relax, mingle, and socialize. Consider making cupcakes or some other type of Valentine’s Day-themed sweets.

3. Consider throwing a full-on office party.

You can opt to throw a surprise party, or get everyone in the spirit by planning one together. From helping to decorate, to bring in their own desserts, a party can help bring the team together.

4. Give popular gift cards of a small amount, like $10 or $15 as prizes for Valentine’s-themed contests.

For instance, you can fill a bulletin board with overlapping red and pink paper hearts of different sizes. Each employee can submit their guesses as to how many hearts are pinned, and you can award a prize to the employee with the most accurate guess.

5. Another game that’s easy to set up is a candy guessing game.

Fill a jar with chocolates or conversation hearts and ask employees to submit their guess as to how many are in the jar. The person who guesses the closest wins the jar and all its contents. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could also award a pair of movie tickets, a dinner at a restaurant, etc.

6. Set up a selfie station.

Make a Valentine’s Day backdrop in one corner of the office and make or buy some selfie props. Have a fun photoshoot and post the pictures to social media (you might want to ask every employee to dress in red, pink, and/or white for photos).

7. Celebrate those who you most rely on at work.

For instance, if you have an assistant who works tirelessly day in and day out, consider getting him/her an individual gift, like a custom notepad, a quirky calendar, a sleek business card stand, or cute cubicle decor.

8. Have a “Secret Valentine’s” gift exchange with a twist.

A week before Valentine’s Day, write each employee’s name on the back of a paper heart. Staple the hearts onto a bulletin board and place the women’s names on the right and the men’s names on the left. Instruct each employee to select a heart from the opposite side. Set a dollar amount and place all the gifts on a table for Valentine’s Day. Then open to reveal treasure!

9. Host a Valentine’s Day lunch with a menu of white, pink, and red foods.

For instance, shrimp with cocktail sauce would count as red, and pasta with tomato sauce as well. Desserts can be just about anything you want.

10. Give out free swag.

Every employee loves getting free company swag, whether it be a t-shirt, hoodie, or more quirky items like an umbrella or keychain. Not only will they love the gesture, whenever they use it, but your company will also get a shout-out.

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