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Get More Done By Doing Less

Payroll processing can be stressful, time-consuming, and prone to errors. With Fingercheck directly connecting HR, time tracking, and payroll, all the info is already compiled. Running payroll takes minutes for companies of any size, so life gets better for everyone. Advanced payroll preview provides a full breakdown per employee, before processing payroll.

Payroll with Fingercheck delivers real savings over outsourcing the process to a third-party vendor. If you want to keep your existing payroll provider, simply set up an integration for easy exporting.

  • Let your team lean in

    Let your team lean in

    Empower employees to control and monitor their own payroll information by logging into their account. No need to contact the manager, and no need for finance disputes. Everything is transparent so compensation is quick and easy.

  • Set-and-forget AutoPay

    Set-and-forget AutoPay

    Never miss payday, no matter where the day takes you. Set-and-forget AutoPay conveniently runs your payroll automatically. Mobile access from anywhere means you always have the power of payroll oversight and management in your pocket.

  • Automation for error-free compliance

    Automation for error-free compliance

    Doing less can get more done. Fingercheck automates the payroll process using internal timesheet data to calculate pay and eliminate risk of error. Automation also makes compliance with federal, state and municipal tax codes a non-issue.

  • Always safe and secure

    Always safe and secure

    Data is stored in the cloud with user-definable roles and multilevel security to ensure private financial information remains confidential. Regular redundant backups leave no risk of data loss, and information is retrievable in moments by administrators.


  • Automatic deductions
  • Flexible pay schedules
  • Net-to-Gross payments
  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Detailed payroll preview and reports
  • Auto-run payroll
  • Quarterly filing
  • Digital pay stubs
  • Custom general ledger exports
  • Multiple direct deposit or paycards
  • Automatic reimbursements
  • Pay vendors and contractors
  • Year-end reporting and filing
  • W-2 and 1099 forms generated
  • Multiple pay rates
  • Run payroll on mobile

You can love payroll

Yes, it’s possible. Fingercheck makes it so fast, easy and flexible
that you actually enjoy payday.

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