Why Do You Need An Employee Handbook?

By Stefano Tromba
February 18, 2019

Employee handbooks are an essential aspect of any company. They provide insight into a company’s culture, set expectations for new hires and keeps current employees compliant.  Smaller companies don’t realize how often employee handbooks need to be updated as employment laws continually change.  A company handbook essentially creates a living document that needs to be continually updated.  So, if your company handbook isn’t up-to-date or if (GASP!) you don’t have one – here are some important reasons why you do.


A well put together handbook can be impressive to new employees, giving them an important, positive first impression.  It also helps with employee engagement and orientation for new hires.  It also presents a perfect opportunity to educate employees about your organization, its history, and its origins.


Employee handbooks are often an essential document in any company investigation or employee claim. For instance, an employee may take issue on hours worked or overtime pay.  If you address the company’s policy on this in your handbook – you’re covered.  That’s why it’s important to have confirmation that your employees acknowledge receiving it and have read it to avoid any miscommunication on what your policies are on a variety of areas concerning your workplace.


Depending on your industry and staff size, you should address any and all topics specific to your company within your handbook.  Here are common topics most companies cover: VACATION TIME– PAID TIME OFF (PTO) – SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY – EMAIL USE – COMPANY ATTIRE and EXPENSE REPORTS are just a few to consider.


So, you don’t have a dedicated HR personnel.  Not to worry. Cloud-based, HR software like Fingercheck, offers an all-in-one HR platform with the ability to easily generate customized employee handbooks, manuals, contracts and more all online.

As mentioned earlier, it’s important for companies (of all sizes) to have a company handbook to helps guard against claims from employees who don’t have your organization’s interest at heart.

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