The Best Online Jobs (and How to Get One)

By Stefano Tromba
September 14, 2020

The nature of work and even of entire careers has undergone a dramatic transformation since the beginning of the 21st century. In addition to advances in technology that are making remote work increasingly possible, and easier,  many occupations are rapidly becoming non-traditional.

Like the economy, the job market (and jobs themselves) have undergone dramatic changes since the pandemic hit. Occupations that were once formal jobs are now being done by contractors, freelancers, and gig workers. Add to that a Gallup poll taken in early April, citing the percentage of workers reporting employers offering either flextime or remote work increased to 62%. That’s in a jump from the approximate 3.4%  who reported working from home in February of this year.

In response, we’ve researched some of the best online jobs you can find today!

Web Designer

Salaried positions may be available on job boards, and are often available on a remote basis. You can typically find freelance work on LinkedIn, or other popular online job sites such as Indeed or Zip Recruiter. You can also direct the market through social media and email marketing, networking, or direct contact with potential clients.

IT Support

Computer and Internet familiarity are obviously required but IT support is commonly an entry into the IT field. Jobs are typically posted on the job boards, and remote work assignments are very common.

Video Editor

Whether creating videos from scratch or a better final product and video editor role can include inserting graphics, text, links, music, sound effects, and other special features to give a video more appeal to viewers. Video, as a marketing tool, has become incredibly important to bringing traffic to site that in turn, helps increase a company’s bottom line.

SEO Manager

A Search Engine Optimization role is one that is often remotely based. It’s also a common freelance a self-employment position as well.  It’s a highly valuable skill and the role that helps optimize websites to improve website visibility for targeted Google searches and ranking. This is a critical aspect of any business’s success.

Graphic Designer

But there’s always work for specialists who can design advanced images and create graphic-intensive collateral.  Traditional jobs, many remotely based, as well as freelance, gig work, and self-employment.


Blogging is a true entrepreneurial endeavor.  Providing free content to visitors through informative blogs (like this one, wink, wink) helps web traffic grow. Many highly successful bloggers can monetize their blog through advertising, product reviews, and even selling products through it.

Final Thought

Advancements in communication technology and computer software have made online jobs more and more prevalent.  This, in combination with remote work becoming the new normal, makes it easier to find and land one of these online jobs. So, if have the skills or need to sharpen them, do it! Now’s the time to make them pay off. 

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