New Tablet App Feature Coming Soon: Restrict Punches Based on Schedule

By Katherine Muniz
April 1, 2017

The FingerCheck tablet app is a great portable, cost-effective option for offering your employees a physical time clock. We’re adding more features that maximize efficiency and control on the tablet app, and as a supervisor, you will soon be able to restrict your employees from making an “in” punch before they’re scheduled to start work. Once you enable this feature, the tablet app will not allow employees to clock in outside the time parameters you set.

This feature ensures that employees don’t clock in before their scheduled hours. When employees foresee the need to work longer than scheduled and come in earlier they can request approval. This can keep overtime costs low and ensures that employees aren’t abusing the system. Programming the tablet app to restrict punches will strongly motivate employees to arrive on time and leave on time, and ensures that when employees arrive early, supervisors must be notified to enter their times.

In order to restrict punches based on schedule, you’ll need to make a schedule for your employees and assign them to their master profiles. Within that schedule, you can enter strict “In” times to set the bounds for when punches can occur. If employees attempt to punch in outside those times, a message will pop up notifying the employee of the restriction.  We hope you enjoy this new feature. You can download the tablet app from the iTunes store or Google Play.

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