One of our main goals when designing FingerCheck360 was to keep our ease of user functionality essentially the same.

To accomplish that, we chose to add modules to our existing FingerCheck application rather than having different applications for each module. In order to complete the transition for FingerCheck users to FingerCheck360, we have now adapted our mobile app to also include separate employee and supervisor payroll functions.

Allow us to take you through the FingerCheck360 functions of the mobile app:


Employees can now check their pay history right from the FingerCheck mobile app. With one tap on “Pay History,” they can view their net pay and gross pay for each pay period and year to date. If they tap on any individual pay period, they can view an earning statement that contains a detailed break-down of their gross pay, net pay, earnings, taxes, and direct deposit.

Their earnings are broken down, as well as taxes, which are listed individually with the amount deducted for each. Employees can also download that directly to their smartphone in a PDF file. Our new employee pays history function is a fantastic, clear way for employees to distinguish exactly how much of their check went where, and is always available for reference on the mobile app at any time.


Supervisors can now review, schedule, and run payroll right from the FingerCheck mobile app. With one tap on “Run Payroll,” they can access all their payroll functions through a series of five steps.

The screen will pull up a general “Run Payroll” screen which consists of a listing of current and upcoming payroll cycles. Tapping any cycle will initiate the payroll review process, and take you through the four steps of running the payroll for that pay period. First, you’ll be shown general payroll details which you can edit by tapping.

You’ll also be given the opportunity to tap on any actions to apply to this payroll (like scheduled deductions).

The second step is to review payment for each employee, which is displayed beside each employee’s name. This process is where the time card data recorded in FingerCheck is imported and used to create FingerCheck360’s payroll data.

As you’ll note, distinctions have been made to differentiate salaried employees from hourly rate employees, as you’ll note by the time clock and dollar sign icons. On this screen, you’ll also be able to adjust hours, pay amounts, and even add in bonuses or commissions simply by tapping on the amount.

Once modifications have been made, tap on “Preview” to move onto the final step before approving payroll, where you’ll be shown a preliminary overview of the total cash required for the payroll with a full numeric breakdown, as well as total counts of employees, checks, and direct deposits. Finally, tap “Approve” and confirm that you want to process payroll.

Once payroll is processed, a pop-up message will appear as a confirmation of your successful completion of payroll! The total cash required to pay the employee will display, and cash out, tap “Finish.”

Now that we’ve launched FingerCheck360, we are developing and adapting our existing products to be ready for our 2016 launch date! Clients who sign up will be able to manage their payroll right from their smartphones (not to mention their employees also!) with these sleek new features. Clients who opt not to use FingerCheck for payroll will continue using the mobile app uninterrupted, without any changes. With our newly integrated mobile app, employers and their employees can take their payroll with them wherever, whenever.

Check out FingerCheck360 now! To upgrade, contact us and sign up for payroll, which will go live in January 2016.

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