5 reasons self-onboarding is a must have for your business and employees

By Fingercheck Marketing
August 31, 2023

Finding the perfect employee for your small business is only half the job when it comes to hiring.  The second portion of the process includes onboarding your new employees correctly and making them feel welcome. This part of the hiring process can have a lasting impact on their impression of your business.

Onboarding is often overlooked in conversations about hiring and retention strategies. According to a study by SHRM:

  • 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for 3 years if they have a great onboarding experience.
  • New employees who participated in a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after 3 years.
  • Companies with a standard onboarding process experienced 50% greater productivity with new hires. 

The workforce has shifted from traditional office positions to remote and hybrid workers. With that, onboarding has also shifted. Millennials, Generation X and even Baby Boomers have different experiences and expectations from the workplace, but all of them need to know how to get started in their new roles. 

Instead of offering an outdated experience involving an agenda, a slideshow and a packet of paperwork, why not give your new employees a more modern onboarding experience?

Fingercheck Onboarding delivers a pleasant and seamless onboarding experience for your new team members.  Onboarding, which is included in our Small Business Starter plan, and Onboarding Advanced, which is available with our 360 and 360 Plus plans, put the task of onboarding in your employees’ hands and that puts time back into your day. Ready to make the move to a more modern onboarding experience? Sign up now.

Why your employees should self-onboard 

Most new hires are nervous about joining a new company, so your small business shouldn’t go on radio silence immediately after the initial paperwork is finished. New employees will feel lost without a welcome email or a brief introduction to their team. Their initial enthusiasm will start fading, and doubts may creep in.

Reason 1: Automated welcome emails

Fingercheck Onboarding delivers automatic welcome emails to all your new hires. Automatic welcome emails are a terrific way of creating a strong first impression with your new hires right out of the gate. You get to show your new employees that you value them from day one. It’s the little things that make a big difference. Such an onboarding process backed by automation sets the tone for a new employee’s entire experience.

Reason 2: Paperless onboarding packets

Fingercheck Onboarding is 100% digital. And that means your employees can complete the process from start to finish on their mobile devices. 

There is no printing, scanning or chasing signatures. There is no back-and-forth. Everything is instant. Your new hires can complete all the necessary paperwork even before their first day at the office.

Reason 3: E-signatures and message templates

Fingercheck lets your hiring team collect e-signatures from employees when they are self-onboarding. Your new hires can sign any document digitally, anytime and from anywhere. It’s fast and it’s secure.

Your hiring team also has scores of message templates at their disposal, which means less extra work for them. If your team would rather create their own messages with different instructions for the new employees, they can do that, too.

With Fingercheck’s powerful advanced onboarding solution, you have the option to create automated workflows, each with its own set of unique triggers and notifications that can go out under specified conditions.

Reason 4: Customized automated checklists

Every new hire is unique, and so are their onboarding needs. Fingercheck lets you craft personalized checklists for each role. This essentially guarantees that the onboarding process aligns perfectly with the individual responsibilities of every new hire.

Customized checklists ensure that everyone is on the same page from day one. Your team doesn’t have to scramble through emails or spreadsheets to keep track of onboarding tasks. Because Fingercheck centralizes all checklists, your team can access and update information in one convenient location.

Reason 5: Collection of compliance documents

At Fingercheck, we believe that onboarding should be a seamless and stress-free experience, both for your new hires and your HR team. That’s why we’ve designed our onboarding solution to take care of the nitty-gritty compliance tasks. Your employees can complete compliance documents and contracts independently, at their own pace.

Not only can you collect your new hires’ I-9s and W-4s and sign contracts with them digitally, but you also have all the necessary compliance documents ready to go.

Are you ready to revolutionize your onboarding process?

Fingercheck’s state-of-the-art onboarding solution has helped hundreds of businesses improve their onboarding game. It can help you do that, too.

Fingercheck’s onboarding solution comes bundled with three plans:

  • Fingercheck Small Business Starter comes with basic onboarding features.
  • Fingercheck 360 boasts some advanced onboarding functions.
  • Fingercheck 360 Plus delivers the ultimate onboarding experience and the best of what any onboarding solution can offer.

Sign up with Fingercheck today and take the first step toward a seamless digital onboarding experience for your new hires!

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