Varda Chocolatier

Varda Chocolatier: Customer Interview & Case Study 

When Varda Chocolatier Inc. joined the Fingercheck family in 2021, Julie Nieves wasn’t convinced it would be a good fit. It wasn’t until she tried Fingercheck’s payroll and HR solution that she became convinced that it really was the best alternative for Varda’s needs. “I figured, it was a smaller company, you wouldn’t be able …

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Construction People working

How Construction Companies Can Do HR Better

Does HR in the construction industry differ from HR in other industries? Yes, it does because construction is inherently risky and safety is crucial in the construction industry. Successful construction businesses have HR teams that understand and emphasize the importance of ensuring safety, monitoring federal and state payroll regulations, and maintaining both compliance records and …

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end of q3

Q3 Ends Soon: Are You Ready?

The third quarter ends on Friday, September 30th. Here are 6 Tips to avoid any issues with your company’s quarterly tax filings. TIP #1: PROCESS YOUR PAYROLL EARLY TO AVOID PENALTIES AND FEES. At the end of each quarter, it’s critical that you close all open payrolls, particularly those with voids. Remember: Any open payrolls …

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worflows blog

Have you heard of workflows?

Workflows by Fingercheck gives administrators the tools necessary to streamline their day and take back the time they spend manually entering data. Workflows can be used for everything from employee surveys and uniform ordering to onboarding and certification verification. Do you know the real cost behind human resources-related tasks for small businesses? 40% of small …

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fingercheck g2 spring banner

Fingercheck Scores Big Once Again at the G2 Awards

Fingercheck is paving the way for a truly innovative spring with industry awards and numerous new product innovation rollouts. Fingercheck wants to help its customers run their businesses more efficiently. According to the recent G2 Spring Awards, users think Fingercheck is doing a great job. G2, internationally recognized as the world’s most comprehensive software marketplace …

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employee scheduling

Keeping Employees’ Schedules In Check

If you run a business that utilizes hourly employees, it’s imperative to keep an organized, up-to-date schedule for your workforce. From construction companies to restaurants, organizations staffed by hourly workers need to schedule their personnel efficiently and sustainably. Unfortunately, manually managing employees’ schedules can be time-consuming, frustrating, and lead to accounting errors — but luckily, …

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Compliance Calendar

Get Your Dates Straight

At Fingercheck, we know how busy we are and we can only imagine how busy you are, too. Running a successful business is a balancing act, and staying on top of all of the key dates that come with it – tax deadlines, performance evaluations, filings – can seem like another job entirely. It’s no …

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