Benefits of Hiring Veterans

By Stefano Tromba
November 11, 2019

It’s tough to find good help these days.  We’ve all heard that before. So with many companies increasing headcount in 2020 hiring managers may want to find “good help” by considering and attracting veterans.  Presently, there are approximately one million unemployed ex-military men and women across the United States actively seeking employment. And from an employer’s perspective, the unique qualities veterans possess makes for an ideal job candidate. The government has also made a point of introducing a variety of benefits and incentives for business owners willing to take a chance on out-of-work veterans.  But if you’re uncertain, we’ve compiled (4) great reasons your business could benefit from hiring military vets:

Responsible & Dependable

Right from the get-go, military personnel is trained to take their jobs seriously. They are taught that dumb mistakes, bad decisions or glaring oversights can get their fellow soldiers seriously hurt – or worse. These are lessons you can’t unlearn.  Veterans usually bring these enviable qualities of being responsible and dependable with them on the job.

Trained Leaders

Veterans are natural leaders. Experts say the average Marine is recruited at age 19 and within a year, is typically promoted to become a non-commissioned officer and placed in high-stress leadership roles.


All military recruits are taught to embrace their intuition. They’ve been trained to absorb every single piece of information they can find before making a decision of any kind. This allows them to be counted on to make the best choice available at any given time or situation.

Work Well Independently

If you seek an employee who you can trust is a crucial process within your business you won’t find a better, more qualified person to do so than a veteran. Studies indicate military personnel is more likely to take major initiative than their co-workers. This reason alone is likely why U.S. veterans are also 45% more likely to start their own businesses.  So consider hiring and attracting veterans for your next open position.

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