Advenium: Customer Spotlight

By Emily Burch Harris
October 20, 2022

Q: Why Fingercheck?

A: “I needed an all-in-one solution with timecard and attendance,” says Jennifer Hollander, CPA, Advenium’s vice president of finance and accounting.

I teach my employees to just go into your Fingercheck profile,” she says. “You could take care of your time and attendance. You could see all your payroll history. You could figure deductions. You can see your address. You could see the, you know, the complete directory. You could see it all in one. That’s what I needed to teach employees and that’s what Fingercheck can provide for me.

Q: What challenges did you face before Fingercheck?

A: I needed an all-in-one solution with a timecard that spoke to the payroll system. When I spoke with a couple of different payroll systems, they either interface with a separate time clock and time and attendance. I did not want that. I knew from the get-go there was no way I was going to deal with two different services, OK, so there was a huge push. It was very streamlined in that sense and big competitors don’t have time and attendance open to their payroll.

QuickBooks is a huge payroll system but ultimately there’s time attendance in separate software. I’m sure it’s streamlined and I’m sure it’s great. I just didn’t want to deal with that. I don’t wanna deal with setting up two different to different software.

Q: How did you decide on Fingercheck?

A: “I did search and did demos from many different companies. I didn’t want to deal with setting up two different software,” she said. What she wanted was a streamlined and user-friendly option that included time and attendance with payroll.

In a prior position, Jennifer had worked alongside a team of software developers working to create an in-house time and attendance, payroll, and invoicing system. She understands what goes into software development.

When I looked at Fingercheck, I could really appreciate it,” she says. “I think they have just a very clear vision of what makes it comprehensive and at the same time user-friendly. It’s very impressive.

Q: What’s your favorite feature?

A: If I had to pick a favorite feature I would definitely go with I just like the HR software. I just like the interface of how it presents itself, of how easy it can aggregate. It’s just very nice.

Q: Does Fingercheck save you time and money?

A: In my mind, I say it saves me a headache. Ultimately your headaches translate to time and money.

I think I guess also it’s like simplicity. In today’s fast-paced moving you know workforce right people come and go practically daily, right? So the same HR Rep that will work for me for three months is going to be in a different HR Rep for the next three months, you know, and I have to make a system, I have to make a process that’s what I always consider to be fluid, right? So imagine me training an HR Rep on the intricacies of two different software and then her having to understand it and give it over to her employees and then three months later that HR Rep picking up and leaving and then I’m starting from scratch.

So in my mind, I have Fingercheck is all in one and it allows me to be fluid with my staff and with my HR team. You know in today’s world we’re so scared of, like you know, the turnover and then, as you know, all the training processes teaching the new HR Rep. Fingercheck allows me to be very mobile with that.

Q: How about pricing? Is Fingercheck a value to you?

A: It is very fair pricing. I would also tell you another very positive thing they do it right. When you have a request from them they have a very good internal system where it alerts their building team of requests from my company and they always follow up by saying the billing team will send you a proposal. Once you approve, they will proceed to do the work.

I’ve been around the block. Very often these types of internal processes are not as strong as it is at Fingercheck.

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