By: Fingercheck Dec 05, 2014

What is the BEST Leadership Style?

The question of how to best lead your team depends on a variety of factors that are too numerous to list in a single blog post. However, most work environments can be broken down into two different management methods. Two Opposing Leadership Styles:

Authoritarian Leadership Style

This leader expects employees to stick to the rules. He or she has the final word, and there are direct consequences for not following directions. The Authoritarian Leadership Style works best in situations of real danger or urgency when there is no room for error. Relevant industries: military, construction, or sports coaching.

Relaxed Leadership Style

This leader has a level of trust that his or her employees will stay on task and follow through on deadlines. In this setting, managers tend to delegate so they can focus on lead generation and administrative tasks. For this style to work effectively, employees should be veterans in their field and highly self-motivated. This style is best suited for an industry where innovation/creativity is valued, such as a technology start-up or the entertainment industry.

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