By: Fingercheck Jun 06, 2014

Tracking Employee Benefits with Fingercheck

Does your business have both part-time and full-time employees? Are there different benefits for each type of employee?

When it comes to part-time versus full-time workers, there are a lot of reasons that keeping track of the two is important, notably healthcare, which is a big issue at this time.

There are a number of other benefits that need to be tracked for different employees, including paid time off, commuter benefits, and more. Human resources employees have a lot of responsibility to ensure that the right employees get the right benefits.

Fingercheck’s Human Resources Information System makes it easy to keep track of part-time and full-time employees in this completely comprehensive management tool. In some cases, employees get certain benefits the longer that they’ve been with the company. It’s also easy to keep track of work anniversaries and milestones with accuracy and easy.

There are many more features of this tool for HR executives to make their jobs easier and keep the rest of the employees happy. Visit to learn about all of our offerings to businesses, including online time clocks.

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Specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Fingercheck is an all-in-one solution for Payroll, HR, Time Tracking & everything in between.

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