By: Fingercheck Jan 22, 2014

Top Apps for Staying Organized

Whether we spend our days in the office or travel for business, we all need a little organization to get our work done. Fortunately, the mobile marketplace has kept up with the increasing demand for business apps, and it takes only a minimal number of apps to stay organized.


Clocking in and out at the office is easy, but keeping track of work hours on the go can prove a more difficult task. Instead of location-based time clocks, mobile apps like the time-clock solutions offered by Fingercheck allow employees to keep track of their time from anywhere.


A mobile to-do list, provides a clean, uncluttered platform to keep track of daily tasks for either Droid or iPhone. Search capabilities and desktop integration make it easy to find entries and ensure task lists match on both mobile and office machines so nothing ends up left undone.


Like a bookmarking system for your life, Evernote helps keep track of everything that a time app and to-do list doesn’t. Keep contacts, photos, itineraries, hotel and travel confirmations, and research all in one place. Evernote is a good place to keep track of references that might be needed while away from the office, including Internet bookmarks.

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Specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Fingercheck is an all-in-one solution for Payroll, HR, Time Tracking & everything in between.

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