This week, we’re continuing our list of what makes people enjoy their work, as reported by FastCompany via employee-rating site Glassdoor.


People want to be challenged at their job. That doesn’t mean they want to be pressured to hit deadlines, but it does mean they want to grow, learn new skills and become a master of their field, and they’re willing to work for it.

Meaningful Advancement

Similarly, employees want to feel a sense of progress in their careers. Nobody wants to stagnate. Working towards a goal makes employees ready, even excited to get back on the payroll time clock.

Confidence in Leadership

Trust in management is an essential part of a happy team. Employees need to feel they’re being respected and treated right, and transparency is important for employees to have that confidence in their leaders.


Finally, the pay and perks are also an integral part of a happy workforce. People need to feel secure in order to do good work, and that means fair pay.

Of course, any extras don’t hurt. A ping-pong table or espresso machine may not seem like a lot, but they show that the management appreciates their workers, and gives employees a place to take a minute or two away from work. This is also an important part of being happy at work, as we’ve mentioned before.

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