The newest feature that has been added to your FingerCheck Workforce Management Solution is Job Fencing.  In essence, this technology allows managers to put a virtual fence around an employee’s worksite for the purposes of clocking in and out.

For example, if you manage a construction company or any other business that has multiple sites, you can utilize job fencing to verify the location that specific employees are clocking into and out of.

This allows you to tie either specific jobs or groups of employees to a geographic location using GPS Coordinates.  Another way to utilize the Job Fencing module is to make certain jobs available to specific employees.

This is accomplished because employees using the mobile app must now select a job when clocking in, so managers have the flexibility to only make specific jobs available to specific employees.

Within your FingerCheck application, managers can enter in the address for a job, and the system will automatically pull in the GPS coordinates for that street address.  Then, when an employee clocks into that job site, FingerCheck will verify the GPS location of the clock punch and take a pre-determined action.  The job fencing profile can be set up to reject the punch, accept the punch, accept the punch and notify a designated manager, or reject the punch and notify a designated manager.

By utilizing Job Fencing, administrators and managers can force employees to select a job upon clocking in, giving them more visibility and control over their workforce.  This technology acts as another tool to ensure that employees are clocking into the correct job at the correct location, and are actually on-site at the location when they clock in.

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