You’ve probably heard of cloud storage, but how much do you actually know about it?

The main reason that people are wary of the security of cloud storage is that they don’t know how it works! Do yourself a favor and get educated, because FingerCheck’s time attendance software will definitely make your life easier.

We’re used to seeing a physical storage device for our data, from the hard drive in your computer to a USB stick. With cloud storage, data isn’t just floating around in the air – it’s stored remotely. All you need is an internet connection. Anywhere that you have internet access you can access your data from the remote database.

Typically, cloud storage systems use multiple data servers to ensure that the information is always available. There’s always the chance of a power outage or a single computer failure, so cloud storage is backed up in multiple ways. The big question about cloud storage is usually: Is it secure and can I trust it with my information?

Cloud storage is kept safe from hackers by encryption, a complex algorithm that encodes the information. Fingercheck’s cloud-based time attendance gives you all of the benefits of cloud storage, including easy access and security.

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