With the introduction of mobile technology and the global nature of modern commerce, the pace of the business world is quicker than ever.

Today’s top executives have to be ready to act at a moment’s notice to seize opportunities and capitalize on limited-time events.

FingerCheck is designed with an understanding of modern business practices, tailored to help managers take action with the best intelligence available. Our employee clock-in software offers a comprehensive suite of tools that managers can customize to better suit their individual needs.

One of the best ways FingerCheck can create enduring success is through its flexible viewing methods. FingerCheck is acclaimed for giving employees multiple means to access their time clock and punch in or clock out: from an innovative mobile app to an intuitive desktop solution and even SMS and Twitter functionality, FingerCheck’s punching methods ensure every employee keeps accurate records of their time and contributions.

On the other end of this powerful software solution is a set of complex and user-friendly monitoring options enabling managers to quickly get an accurate overall assessment of the company’s time clock status. The ability to view available resources and gauge how employees are using their time at a glance can open up new opportunities for any business leader.

Contact a FingerCheck representative today and find out more about this fully-featured and affordable tech solution.

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