When we think of powerful managers, the words ‘involved’, ‘hands-on’ and ‘charismatic’ often come to mind.  While hands-on management has its advantages, indirect leadership can be a powerful tool for motivating employees.  Using your actions can be more effective than using your words, whether you supervise a single employee or an entire company.

Giving a passionate, motivating speech that stresses the importance of your cause is a great way to inspire your employees, especially if your company has faced a recent setback, such as downsizing or loss of a major client.  But taking off early that same day to go skiing is going to significantly detract from the message of your speech.

On the other hand, if your employees see you like the first one to arrive and the last one to leave, they will know you are committed to your company’s cause.  A speech may momentarily motivate, but what will drive the point home is when they see you pour your body and soul into the company’s cause.

We are living in the fast-paced digital age where managers are often unable to make it to the office because they are running from meeting to meeting.  There must be some way to use technology to show employees that the manager is willing to be held accountable for his time.  Employee time clock software is a great way to keep track of employee attendance, but usually, the CEOs and managers have sole access to the employees’ check-in and check-out times.

Why not try something different?  As a supervisor, choose to make your attendance record available to your employees.  Even share your schedule with employees, so they know what you are doing at what time.  This is not a way to make your employees feel guilty about not working long enough hours, but to show that you are willing to be held to the same accountability standards as them.

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