If you run a company with a traveling team, it can be hard to keep track of payroll hours when none of your team comes into a regular office every day. With Fingercheck, you can provide your employees with the tools they need to sign in, regardless of where they are.

Don’t worry about giving your employees their own time clock. Fingercheck lets your employees punch in over an app on their smartphone. Some of the careers that can benefit from a Fingercheck app include the following:

1. Outside Sales

In order for your team to be successful, they need to hit a new area every day. You can waste an hour or more of their time by having them come and punch in at your office, or you can let your team meet in the field. By letting your team punch in remotely, you increase your productivity.

2. Catering Staff

Your catering events are always in different places, and you don’t have a punch clock to take with you. You can make things simple for your staff by giving them a Fingercheck app. The company offers low per employee costs for its time clock software.

3. Freelance Writers and Telecommuters

If some of your team works from home, a Fingercheck app lets them punch in while still in their pajamas.

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