As a manager of a workforce, it becomes increasingly important to verify that all employees are punching in on time. Even more so than that, you will need to verify that all punches from your employees are coming from their intended locations. With FingerCheck, we have added a new feature for our mobile app that allows managers to verify the punch details.

To utilize this feature, log in as a Supervisor using the mobile app, and then go to the option that reads Review Timesheets.

Tap on the employee, and then the day for which you wish to view punches. Tapping the pencil icon on any punch will allow you to see the details on when the punch came in, and from what source (such as web entry, mobile punch, clock entry). Clicking on the coordinates pulls up the geographic location of the punch on your respective map or GPS software.

For the manager that is constantly on the go, this feature is useful to make sure that your workforce’s location and punches can always be accounted for at any given time. Workforce integrity is a crucial component of a successful business, and FingerCheck strives to provide you with all of the tools necessary to make that possible.

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