As a company that equips leading businesses with the technology and knowledge to optimize their work schedules, we’re always on the lookout for new perspectives on time management.

Time is one of the most precious and essential resources any business can leverage to achieve success: with mindful and effective time management, a company can see results beyond what its capital and finances might typically allow.

Our time clock software products help every member of a corporate team, from C-level executives to standard employees, manage and track time spent in the workplace.

For best results, though, many authorities in the field of productivity advocate a time management strategy that goes beyond the office and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

One of the most interesting recent articles on the subject is from the Harvard Business Review, in which author Scott Behson does some basic calculations about the time available to each of us every week.

While many time management articles explore micro strategies and get down to the minute, helping workers locate even the tiniest opportunity to save time, Behson’s summary discusses a more holistic view of managing time and offers the perspective that a wealth of free time is available to those who cut back on “time confetti” and other schedule threats.

It’s an optimistic perspective we share: with the right equipment and training, any company can transform a cramped schedule into a new opportunity. At FingerCheck, we’re committed to helping every business build the schedule that works best for their goals with time tracking software and technology.

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