As we’ve already mentioned, our employee time clock software is perfect for any business, no matter what the size, because there’s no hardware to install–no extra infrastructure to add–simply a small fee to add new employees to the time tracking system. That means the smallest businesses and largest, multi-site corporate entities both benefit from the ease of use of an online time clock.

But the same features that make the paperless, hardware-free clock-in system great for businesses work for government offices as well.

When state employees need to work late and receive overtime, a web time clock application is the perfect way to keep track of their hours. And because the clock-in process can be completed on computers, tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices, the state could save hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to installing time clocks.

Employees benefit too: Aside from the convenience of clocking in and out online, there’s no paperwork to keep, no easily lost badges to keep track of and no lines at a physical time clock slowing down the process. A government agency could save huge by streamlining the process with online time clocks, helping to keep costs down and efficiency at its peak. It’s just one of the many uses of the Fingercheck online time clock system.

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