Since unveiling our Mobile App 2.0, we have made some additional updates to the FingerCheck mobile app for both the employee and employer dashboards.  Here are the new updates:


  • Supervisors can now view, approve, and decline absence requests using the new function, “Approve Absence Requests” in the sidebar menu.  The page consists of two “Decline” and “Approve” buttons, a search bar for filtering employees by employee number, name, first, last, job, and department, and a list of pending, used, and declined requests.
    Each request shows the employee, the status of their request, the # of hours requested, the date, and the reason/code for the absence. You can also view the total # of days that are pending, have been used, and were declined and refresh to update the page.
  • The sidebar menu functions “Approve Timesheets” and “Review Timesheets” have been consolidated into “Review Timesheets.”
  • To notify you of new punch alerts, a new icon has been added to the dashboard that displays the number of alerts you have waiting over a bell-shaped icon on the top right corner of the screen. After tapping on the bell, you can slide each alert to the left to get rid of them once you’ve reviewed them.
  • The employee directory now displays employee profile photos.


  • Employees can now set their dashboard to be the punch clock screen when logging into the mobile app by going to “Settings” and ticking “Enable Quick Punch.” Following that, whenever they log on they will be able to punch right away.
  • Employees can now receive push alert notifications for InEarly, InLate, OutEarly, and OutLate alert punch types. Just like with the supervisor dashboard, these notifications will be distinguished by a small bell on the top right corner of the screen, along with the number of notifications waiting for them. After tapping on the bell, they can slide each alert to the left to get rid of them once they’ve reviewed them.
  • If the supervisor has enabled viewing access to the directory for employees, the directory now displays profile photos alongside each employee (if they have uploaded a photo).

Let us know how you like these new updates by leaving your feedback using our new in-app messaging system! Enjoy.

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