FingerCheck is constantly revising our features and adding new ones to make our employee time clock software as effective as possible.

You can now automatically transfer punches using FingerCheck’s biometric clocks without having to select “Transfer” on the clock. Your first punch of the day will be automatically counted as an “In” punch, and to switch to another job during the day, simply place your fingerprint on the clock and select the job you are transferring your punch to.

Then you are good to go! You will be punched out of your previous job and into your new one. To enable time clock auto transfer, you’ll have to check the box next to “Use Automatic Transfer” in the “Clock Management” section of the website and make a few quick changes to your time clock. Bear in mind that this is a feature exclusive to our biometric time clocks, so you cannot use this when you make a web punch or mobile punch.

For more details on setup, see our article on how to set up the auto transfer.

Leave us feedback on how you’re liking this new feature and what you’d like to see next.

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