Addresses displayed alongside mobile punches within the Daily Details of employee time cards are now clickable. With one click, a Google map pops up with your employees’ punch location shown.  This convenient visual tool can help you verify all the sites your employees have punched from, so you have total control 24/7. You can also view punches from the past by using the date selection tool and choosing a past date range.

To view mobile punches, simply go to your Time Card Tab and click on Daily Details. Once you click on an address, a pop-up map will expand that automatically pulls the employee’s punch location and surroundings so you can scan the geographical proximity of your employee’s punch.

The new ability to view mobile punches within Daily Details is just one of our GPS tracking features. Our GEO Live Map function allows you to pull up a map in real-time that displays the current punch locations of your mobile employees. Now you can manage your mobile employees with even more accuracy from our online application. Let us know what new features you’d like to see next!

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