FingerCheck constantly releases software updates for your better experience. Here are two features we recently tweaked for enhanced user functionality we think you’ll like:

Duplicate Jobs

Take a second to think about the process you undertook to build jobs within FingerCheck. If you’re a business owner with many jobs, you may have imported a master spreadsheet of jobs into FingerCheck to save yourself the hassle of adding them manually one-by-one. You may have found out the hard way that files with duplicate jobs were not accepted by FingerCheck.

Now, FingerCheck accepts the file and omits the duplicate jobs so files are auto-corrected, providing employers with a greatly improved, seamless import process.

Excluding Earning Codes from the Total

You can now exclude certain earning codes from being displayed in total hours within the time card and on timesheets. This option is advantageous for those who only want to see certain hours displayed in the “Total Hours” total.

For instance, an employer can exclude all other earning codes so that the total only shows regularly worked hours. One hypothetical instance in which an employer might benefit from excluding earning codes might be a supervisor overseeing employees working the night shift. Since these employees are working a shift differential, they may receive double time for their work. Within the time card, the total hours displayed may show double the actual hours worked because of this.

However, now administrators can filter out the earning codes they don’t want to see, so they can get a more accurate representation of their hours worked. Another example is if you don’t want to display the break time in the total hours. While these updates are minor, taking advantage of these two new functions can make managing your time and attendance much easier.

Let us know what features you’d like to see next!

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