How much do you enjoy using the FingerCheck mobile app? Well, hold onto your horses because this is only the beginning. We are excited to introduce you to the new Mobile App Version 2.0. The same mobile app you love has been completely upgraded with new features for both employees and supervisors. Our newest release is just one way we are providing our clients with the best possible time and attendance and HR tools.

This new version will allow supervisors to run and download reports right to their phones and employees to sign a digital signature to approve their time cards instantly, all through the mobile app. Every user will have a dashboard and a personalized profile photo, and there are more options than ever to oversee hours, manage punches, and view timesheets. Here are the brand new features for both user roles logging into FingerCheck’s mobile app:

New Employee Dashboard

Employees now have a dashboard that:

  • Displays their name alongside their title/department with a profile photo they can add using their camera or upload from their personal photo library.
  • Opens with a personalized pie graph of total hours worked for the current pay period (with more graphs to come in the future!). Tap on the graph to view timesheets in greater detail.
  • Has a bar at the bottom that displays their last punch time and status and offers easy clocking access – click on the bar as a shortcut to the punch screen.
  • Includes a clickable icon on the top right of the dashboard to upload personal information like address, phone number, and email address, which will also be viewed in the company directory (a feature we touch upon below).

New Employee Sidebar Menu of Actions and New Features

A brand new side menu replaces the bottom selection bar that used to sit within the employee window, and with it comes many menu actions and new features. Employees can access the side menu by swiping to the right or tapping on the menu button. Here is a breakdown of the list of  the side menu and the new features:

  • “Home” brings the employee back to the dashboard.
  • “Punch” brings the employee to the punch screen. New features in the punch screen include being able to search for a department or job when punching, and the punch location that is loaded is now clickable to open in a map. On the employer side of things, employers now have the option to allow employees to mobile punch without GPS tracking and can also require employees to capture a photo when clocking in. See the instructions below on how.
  • “Time Card” loads a screen of employees’ hours they can view along with daily details, and includes a brand new signature feature that allows employees to digitally sign straight from their smartphone to approve or decline their timesheets.
  • “Time Off” lets employees view their accrued PTO and request time off.
  • “Schedule” loads a schedule screen that allows employees to view their current and upcoming schedules so they know their start and end time and what they are scheduled to do.
  • “Directory” is not a default setting, rather it is an optional function administrator can enable that allows employees to view the contact information for everyone within the company.

The last three buttons within the side menu are configuration options that allow employees to adjust their time settings, view their contact details, and log out.

New Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisors now have a dashboard that includes:

  • Two graphs that display punch activity, specifically the day’s current live status and yesterday’s live status, which allow supervisors to note any discrepancies, such as if someone is still clocked in from yesterday (with more supervisor graphs to come in the future!). You can slide from one graph to the other by swiping side to side
  • A profile photo they can add by taking a photo using their camera or upload from their personal photo library.

New Supervisor Side Menu of Actions and New Features

For supervisors, the bottom selection bar has also been replaced and upgraded with a new side menu they can access by swiping to the right or tapping on the menu button.  Here is a breakdown of the list of actions within the sidebar menu and add new features:

  • “Home” brings the supervisor back to the dashboard.
  • “Punch” brings the supervisor to the punch screen where they can enter or transfer a punch for employees. For easy searching supervisors can filter by employee number, name, first, last, job, and department. New features in the punch screen include being able to search for a specific job or department when punching for an employee.
  • “Daily Details” loads a screen that displays the punch status of all employees punched in, out, or absent. Supervisors can click into an individual employee to view their punch activity and total paid hours. Note that supervisors can also filter employees by department, sub-department, and job. New features on this screen are as follows: “Review Time Sheets” allows supervisors to view the total hours of employee timesheets and approve them straight away. Additionally, time cards that have already been approved will display as approved.”Approve Time Sheets” allows supervisors to approve or decline employee timesheets.
    • An indicator that the employee’s punch is accompanied by a punch note. The indicators will be on the top left of the punch detail in the form of a tiny notepad.
    • The ability to view punch photos that your employees take when punching in. Simply go to that punch, click on the pencil icon, and click on the photo icon at the top right.
    • An indicator that a punch was edited distinguished by a little star next to the punch detail.
    • The ability to recalculate hours worked after supervisors make changes to employee time cards, i.e. adding a punch on behalf of an employee who forgot to clock in. After making the adjustment, the supervisor can recalculate that employee’s hours to show the correct total hours.
  • Schedule” allows the supervisor to view and edit existing schedules and create new schedules for employees with differentiation and customization options like start time, end time, different jobs, departments, tasks, etc.
  • “Directory” contains a list of employee contact information and profile photos and serves as a resource for getting quick information on any staff member within the company. Supervisors can make this feature available to employees by following the steps listed in our Help Desk article. From the directory, you’ll be able to add the contact information to your contacts by clicking on the top right of the employee profile.
  •  “Reports” is one of the most comprehensive and powerful features we have added to the Mobile App version 2.0. We are excited to announce that supervisors can now run and download all the reports they have on their FingerCheck application to their smartphone. This new capability allows managers to view sophisticated data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF, and makes all the information they need available to them to review anywhere.

As mentioned above, administrators can now require employees to take a photo when they punch and waive mobile app GPS tracking. However, in order to set this up, they will need to log onto our site. Simply log on, go to an employee’s profile, click on “Web Access,” then tick the appropriate boxes.

Supervisors can also enable signature signing for their employees for quick timesheet approval by logging on, clicking on the “Setup” tab, clicking on “Division Information” and checking the box that reads “Employee Time Card Signature.”

Supervisors can give employees access to the company directory. The newest redesign of our mobile app truly allows employers to be in total command of their company’s time and attendance and offers great new features employees can appreciate as well. Please leave a review so we know how you like the app in your phone’s app store.

We are constantly improving the tools we provide and personally designed and improved our app’s functionality to be of great use to you and your employees. We hope you find our newest app features to be of immense value.

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