The difference between a decent boss and a phenomenal boss lies in his or her ability to inspire.

Anyone can hide away in a corner office, monitor the company’s online time clock, and mete out demerits for minor infractions. A true leader motivates, inspires, and fosters an intrinsic drive for success in their employees.

Today’s business owners are in the unique position of trying to figure out ways to inspire an entirely new generation of employees. The baby boomers are retiring and workplaces are being bombarded by young, eager, and ambitious millennials. Here are five tips for inspiring your millennial staffers.

5 Tips For Inspiring Millennial Staffers

1. Frequent and Detailed Feedback

Review your staff’s progress regularly, not yearly. New studies have shown that quarterly reviews generate 31 percent higher employee productivity rates than annual reviews.

 2. Constant Contact

Be guiding your employees constantly. By consistently guiding your employees with praise, constructive critiques, and an open-door policy, you are letting them see that they matter and have an impact on the company’s overall success.

3. Get Online

This generation is used to conducting their business online. Online time clock applications work well for this group. Online performance metrics are another way to motivate. Keep all metrics easy to understand, readily accessible, and located in a central online location.

4. Inspire with Incentives

Incentives work. Alone, they won’t produce a loyal staff. But, when combined with the above techniques, incentives show appreciation and offer recognition. Give your employees a reward to work towards and watch productivity skyrocket.

5. Radical Transparency

Be an open book. Encourage ongoing dialogue. Give employees access to real-time tracking of their progress. Allow them ownership of their progress, unfettered access to you, and a clear vision of where the company is headed.

We’d love to hear from you! Which of these strategies will you be employing this month! Try one out and let us know how it goes.

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