Ever come back from a vacation, opened your inbox, and immediately felt like you need another getaway? One way to avoid that moment and make your vacation more affordable is to work remotely while on vacation.

Just because you’re plugged in doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, and vice-versa; with so many businesses moving toward the cloud, it’s easier than ever to access key information. Even HR and time tracking tasks are increasingly mobile — technology like FingerCheck’s time tracking application and web punch lets you clock in from virtually anywhere!

Here’s how we suggest integrating your professional life into you on the road adventures.

Make Sure You’ll Have an Internet Connection

Check to see what the internet situation is where you’ll be staying. If you’ll be at a hotel or resort, try searching reviews for any comments on the connection speed. Better yet, seriously consider investing in a USB broadband connection, which will allow you to work almost anywhere.

Check out the Local Cafes

It can be tempting to just Google the nearest chain when you’re on the road looking for somewhere to set up camp. However, increasingly even independent cafes offer WiFi. Try using Yelp to search for nearby spots with internet options. Then sit back, relax, and take in some local color while getting your work done.

Stay Engaged with Your Office

If you are on an extended vacation especially, it’s vital to remain in contact with your colleagues. Send updates, utilize chat, video conference, or other office tools for real-time communications. As tempting as it might be to completely disconnect, it can ultimately make you feel invisible or cause misunderstandings in collaborative projects.

Develop a List of Action Items

Working while on vacation can be a Catch 22. You want to enjoy your travels, but you don’t want others to think you’re slacking off or milking the clock. Creating a clear list of action items and deliverables lets you focus more on the work and less on just logging the hours.

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