Today marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, a globally celebrated day that pays homage to our planet and seeks to bring awareness to environmental issues.

We at FingerCheck support Earth Day and take part in the eco-friendly movement in our own way by providing an entirely paperless experience for businesses looking to implement time tracking.

Here are some earth-friendly facts about FingerCheck:

  • FingerCheck is a web-based time tracking system that is hosted completely online and can be accessed by any computer, anywhere. Businesses who sign up for FingerCheck never have to see or deal with paper time cards again.
  • FingerCheck allows employers to truly digitize their payroll process, and offer technologically advanced features like digital signature sign-off on timesheets to keep the process simple.
  • Since FingerCheck keeps data stored for seven years on the cloud, businesses can easily comply with federal law which requires employers to retain specific records containing timekeeping data and payroll information, without the hassle of physical storage.
  •  Updating to a digital time tracking system like FingerCheck reduces costs associated with paperwork, human error, and manual payroll preparation.

Web-based time and attendance software systems streamline company data into one online database so companies can lower their ecological footprint and ditch the ever-expanding paper trail for good. Celebrate Earth Day! Upgrade your business and go paperless with FingerCheck.

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