Working from home can be a practical solution for employees and employers alike, but as anyone who’s tried it can attest, telecommuting comes with its own set of challenges. Here are five tips for creating an at-home workspace that will help you feel inspired and stay productive.

Find A Great Headset

The right headset can be used to make phone calls and muffle any distracting sounds from around the house. Invest in a nice one– you’ll probably find yourself wearing it more than you think.

A Smart Time Tracking System

Typing up hours and emailing them to HR or your manager can be tedious and ineffective. It’s important to work with your company to find a time tracking system that meets your unique needs and keeps things running smoothly. FingerCheck software offers all kinds of options for remote workers, from Twitter clock-ins to a secure timecard approval feature.

Exercise Equipment

One of the great benefits of working from home is the freedom to use the power of exercise without feeling self-conscious about the whole office seeing you work up a sweat. Physical activity has been proven to enhance focus and creativity. Incorporate it into your workday by keeping exercise equipment near your home workplace. Steppers, free weights, and jump ropes are all handy tools to encourage you to get moving.

Healthy Snacks

One big challenge faced by those working from home is snacking. In the comfort of your home, it’s tempting to graze all day–and that can have some pretty bad consequences if you’re snacking on the wrong foods. Stock up on healthy, easy to eat options like fresh fruit, sliced veggies, and nuts to stay energized and productive.

A Jacket

Fight the urge to work in your bathrobe! Try keeping at least one item of clothing at your desk that makes you feel professional. It could a blazer, a tie, or even some nice shoes. Slip them in if you feel like you’re in too much of a sweatsuit slump for an instant bolt of professionalism.

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