Anyone who’s ever been a waiter at a restaurant, barista at a cafe, or bartender at a bar knows that things can get very busy. The service industry demands a quick pace to keep customers and managers happy. Anything to make your day more efficient is a big bonus.

Fingercheck‘s fingerprint payroll time clocks do just that. With just a swipe of your finger, you’re signed in to work. Clocking into work at any type of job runs its risks for the management when it comes to the honesty of the employees. With a fingerprint time clock, they won’t have the problem of employees lying about the time that they arrived or having a friend clock in for them.

The timesheet is unquestionably accurate, which makes things better for both employers and employees, especially when there it’s at an hourly pay rate as is the case at many restaurants. Time clocks can even be integrated directly with existing payroll software so that few adjustments need to be made.

To learn more about the employee time clock solutions for restaurants and any other type of business, browse through the Fingercheck services to find one that fits your business needs best.

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