As a leader in the time and attendance industry, FingerCheck is constantly pushing the boundaries and breaking the limits of what we are able to offer clients like you.

Inspired by your feedback, our innovative programming team has been hard at work, and after months of development, we are excited to launch the newest product in the FingerCheck family – the FingerCheck time clock app available for tablets!

Our new app transforms any Apple or Android tablet into a fully functioning time clock terminal. With our trademark UI functionality and sleek design, our new time clock app has been developed with the same presentation and ease of use as our other products you know and love, like our FingerCheck mobile app.

Using our new Time Clock app, employees can easily clock in without employee self-service. They simply enter their clock number and tap “In,” “Out,” or “Transfer” to make a punch. For punch verification, our app captures a photo each time a punch is made and tracks punch locations with GPS tracking.

Designed for environments of all kinds, our app even collects punches offline so your employees can punch in a setting with no internet, and once the internet is available, the app uploads the punches to the cloud.

To mimic a real-time clock, you can program the app to stay awake 24/7 for all-day use, and pre-select the clock’s cost center levels or have employees select them each time they punch. You can learn how to set up the clock terminal in just a couple of minutes reading our help desk article.

As one of the most flexible and intuitive time and attendance software solutions on the market today, our goal from day one has been to serve small to mid-sized companies like yours. At $10/month per tablet app, our affordable new app allows any company of any size can have a time clock terminal that is ready for use wherever, whenever.

We are excited about this new phase of growth for FingerCheck and hope that our new app will become one of your most loved tools. With so many different needs for time attendance, we won’t stop innovating any time soon.

Let us know your feedback and what you’d like to see next.

Download it now from the links below!

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