Employee satisfaction is a critical element in corporate success. Motivated employees with positive outlooks can transform the workplace from an everyday office into a major hub of creativity and productivity. FingerCheck‘s software designers create employee clock in software to help every business leader create greater satisfaction at work.

Our experts also stay informed about news in the human resources field in order to incorporate the latest findings into new features and options for the user. One of the most interesting and surprising studies we’ve recently discovered, conducted by TINYpulse, surveyed more than 30,000 employees working at over 500 different companies on overall job satisfaction.

The data, organized by industry, reveals that construction and facilities services in the industry with the highest overall satisfaction among employees.

Those with office jobs and relaxed working environments might be surprised to learn that an industry built on physical labor leads the way in job satisfaction. Further inquiry from TINYpulse determined that construction and facilities services employees cite their co-workers and their excitement about projects and daily tasks as major factors in their happiness on the job.

These findings can help to inform any business leader’s strategy for employee management. With the right knowledge and modern tools, including a fully-featured employee clock in software and time management systems, any manager can deliver an exciting and rewarding experience in the workplace every day.

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