A business’s needs and circumstances are constantly subject to change. What a growing business needs today is often significantly different than what the same business needs six months down the line.

FingerCheck is committed to bringing the latest attendance system technologies to businesses at a price that is fair, competitive, and not subject to hefty cancellation fees.  We understand the hassle associated with intricately worded contracts and cancellation fees and have thus eliminated all contracts and cancellation fees from our pricing structure.

This is the first time small businesses have been able to afford the caliber of technology offered through these biometric systems. FingerCheck has put elite employee time clock software technology in the hands of small to mid-size business owners and is proud to help you grow your company at a price you can afford.

FingerCheck offers customers state of the art biometric online time clock systems for a monthly fee that is based entirely on the number of employees your company who have clocked in and that month.

Most attendance monitoring companies offer one monthly fee for companies with 50 employees and an entirely different fee scale for businesses with 100 employees. FingerCheck offers a monthly price that is dependent on the number of employees using the system. No longer are you stuck paying for employees you don’t have!

Billing is conducted on a monthly basis with no penalty for cancellation. Our services reduce human resource spending, cut down on weekly paperwork, and ensure the security of your payroll system.

Read on to learn more about our pricing structure.

FingerCheck Pricing:

  1. Zero cancellation fees.
  2. Zero contracts to sign
  3. Monthly billing based on employee count. Businesses are billed per month, per employee.

Visit our site today to learn more about how to get started with integrating our technologies into your current payroll system.

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